Sunday, March 13, 2011

The Best Day Ever! My First Real Escape

I like adventures.
Sometimes I make my own adventures without permission.
I can't help it, I am a dog after all.
My very first Real Adventure was spectacular.  It was my second ever road trip. (After my first road trip to a wedding up North, and 16 hours in the car, my mom ordered a new car for me because she didn't like me breathing in her ear when she was driving.) Anyway, our new car came in a month early, so we headed North to Gramma & PawPaw's house to pick it up.
I had a fun time visiting Gramma & PawPaw for the first time, I got lots of extra love and had fun playing in their big back yard. While I was playing in Gramma & PawPaw's yard I decided to climb the wood pile. At first I was just checking out the view, but then I had an idea...
Right then my mom came out to check on me. I did the only thing an adventurous pup would do, I jumped over the fence and took off like a lightning bolt. My mom, Gramma and PawPaw all started chasing after me I ran here and there and everywhere. I run fast. Really fast. Like cartoon speed fast. My mom was not impressed, but Gramma and PawPaw thought it was fun to chase me around.
I ran all the way to my mom's grade school and then back to the house, then up the hill behind the house then back to the school, then to the old foundry, then up and down and all around PawPaw's side of town. They chased me on foot, on bikes and in the cars. I just ran and ran and ran, it was so fun to be free to run.
Then, all the sudden there was an awful noise and I stopped dead in my tracks and ran straight back to Gramma and PawPaw's house (Gramma blew an airhorn and for some reason that made me stop and take notice). Gramma and PawPaw laughed and laughed, mom didn't think it was so funny, but was so happy I was home safe.
All the sudden my paws started to hurt and my mom noticed that I had run so much that I had worn down the pads on my feet and they were bleeding.  PawPaw checked me out and said I was ok, but he said I needed to be bandaged up. That was not fun. He cleaned my paws and put uncle's old socks on me so my paws would heal and I wouldn't mess up our new car.
It was humiliating. But for your entertainment here is a picture of my pitiful self.
You think that's funny? Well I don't. PawPaw laughed and laughed and laughed because he said I walked funny. This is one of his favorite pictures, he has it hanging over his desk and he says it always makes him smile.  PawPaw calls me Baxter, I don't know why, but he does. I love my PawPaw.
This is me resting with my cute cousin before my adventure, I like to cuddle almost as much as I like adventures.
I can't believe how long it's been since I found my new family and had my first adventure. That first adventure seems like yesterday, but it's almost been 5 years! Oh the adventures I've had since then...

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

The Beginning of That Red Dog

     My Life Began on June 4, 2006 when my human found me.  Sure I was alive before that day, but that's when my life really started. According to Court Records (and by court I mean the Dumb Friends League) I am a pure breed male Irish Setter {that's right, I'm a Dog}, my estimated age was 2 years (though the Vet said I was only 6 months) and I weighed 40lbs.  They said that my old human moved in with another human and the other human's dog didn't like me, so I was put into the custody of the Dumb Friends League until a new human found me.  Thankfully, my human found me less that 12 hours after I was given up.
     In the movies there is a scene they call a "meet cute"; it's where the boy meets the girl and it's all down hill from there.  This is the story of my "meet cute".  My human was downtown enjoying the festivities of the People's Fair with a friend. Although adding a dog to her life was in the back of her mind, she still wasn't sure. 
     As the humans were wandering around I was laying in the grass with one of the wardens.  I heard this lovely voice ask if she could pet me. Then the most lovely human began petting me and telling me how pretty I was.  Then she got a look in her eyes, she looked up and back to me and up and back to me. Finally, she said, is this dog up for adoption? The warden said yes and we went into a little trailer to talk about me.  The warden said I had to have a wellness check before I could be adopted.  So, the human put me on "hold" so I could get my clearance and she could make sure she was ready for this {sucker! she had no idea what was coming!}.
     That night I spent a very confusing and scary night in lock down.  I didn't know why I was there or what I did wrong, all I knew is that I was cold and lonely.  The next day the human came to get me, I was so excited, I refused to sit still.  The humans did paper work and after what seemed like ages they got to take me home.  I was so excited I drug my new human to the car. They took me to a new house. I ran around like a crazy dog, smelling everything and checking out my new digs.  It was all so new and exciting. Although I still wasn't sure about all the changes in my life I was very happy to have a new human.
    That night when it was time for bed my human made me a bed on the floor.  I promptly disregarded the bed and jumped into bed with her.  She said it was ok, but just this one night because I was scared...I knew I liked this human.
     I am That Red Dog. This is my Story.